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Your place for transformative, creative and collaborative healing, learning and sharing. 

Private sessions for Intuitive counselling, Healing and Tarot Readings by appointment. 

Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master level courses and healing sessions. 

Pellowah Level 1 & 2 courses and healing sessions. Codes for Change and Acceleration courses.

New Moon Manifestation workshops. Tarot and Oracle readings, classes and workshops.

Meditation, Wellness, Mindfulness and more!


"Louise is a powerful healer and intuitive that I trust implicitly. Her insight, guidance and abilities are obvious, it's the exceptional care she has for each individual she works with that makes her special." ~ Jacinta Murray

"I've just completed A Journey Into Tarot course with Louise, and I absolutely loved it! Louise is a genuine, open, patient and attentive teacher. Her depth of knowledge is evidence of her passion and love for her work. I feel confident to move forward with the inclusion of card readings in my guidance work, and love the intuitive approach to reading that Louise encourages. I highly recommend her to anyone considering expanding their skillset or learning, whether it be in Tarot, Pellowah or Reiki, or any other modality she may be offering for that matter. 
Much love, and thanks Louise." ~ Terril Maddocks

"Hello Louise, just want to let you know a veil has been lifted from me after Reiki. I did know I wasn't travelling the best for quite a while. I feel like I could just about skip without harm to myself. Thank you for those wondrous hands allowing the energy to do its work. Thanks again." ~  Jenn Harriott

“ Light, Love and Laughter, as always with Louise. ” ~ Gayle Rackshaw

"Thank you for helping me to 'transform'. Lovely to share the journey with you xx " ~ Suzi 

“I feel so much better. I don’t feel under attack anymore and everything just seems nicer and calmer. Thank you.” ~ Sharon Murray

Yes! I have done master level and I highly recommend it, it gave me a profound deep connection to myself and for this I will be forever grateful, it also opened up my intuition even more and made my reiki channeling even stronger. From doing master level I now have the ability to pass on this amazing gift , so others can become their own healer and heal others for this I am so overwhelmed with happiness. 💗 thank you Louise

 ~ Laine Withers The Reiki Room

When I was first attuned to reiki I knew I would go all the way to master level. Master level was a leveler for me as it highlighted how far I had come in my spiritual journey but also made me realize there was much more that I needed to learn. Master level is the initiation stage. We are all learning and no matter where you are on your path if you keep that in mind you cant go wrong. I chose Louise to do master training because she has a genuine dedication to keeping the teachings as traditional and true as possible. Caroline Sealey

"...the Codes are proving to be so amazing, the healing is happening so fast now.... Daily l am surprised at the rate of change and growth....connection is getting stronger by the day and lm loving the whole journey....who would ever thought it would become so beautiful and deeply rewarding.....” . Chali 

"Thanks Louise, I enjoyed coming and felt much more centred afterwards, was well worth it! I plan to step more into astrology and tarot this year as a personal goal so great to meet someone whom I can learn from. All the best". Rob

Hi Louise, 
Thank you so much for delivering a fantastic course over the weekend. I got more out of it than I expected - including meeting the wonderful Dawn! 
I really enjoyed your teaching and facilitation style, it was very inclusive and I can’t believe how much we covered in the space of two days. 
I am much looking forward to practicing what I have learnt and seeing a difference in my personal outlook. 
Hopefully see you soon at one of your events. 

"Thank you so much Louise for yesterday I feel so much better. It’s a drastic difference that’s is quite amazing. It’s like my brain hasn’t caught up yet like it expected to feel bad today but I didn’t. Although my mood might change or go up and down again thank you for what you have done you are amazing". Laine