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New Moon in Cancer

There’s no place like home...

“The memory of life arrived on this earth carried by the soul of water. From this memory, life awoke, the human being emerged...” Masaru Emoto

We all come into existence, on this planet, via the womb of the Mother, in a sac of watery fluid.

This Cancerian new moon is offering us all an invitation to connect with the energy of the Divine Mother and to our own emotional nature.

It would be wise of us to consider, at the time of this watery Moon, the very sacredness of water, and to honour our Mother - Earth, by taking care of her land and water, which she provides for us so bountifully.

As with all new moons, we are at a seeding point, making it a good time to question how we’re nurturing ourselves and each other.

What makes a home cooked meal taste so good? it’s usually when it’s been made with the secret, or not so secret, ingredient of love.

This is energy we can all bring into our lives. Think not fast food, but slow food, prepared and cooked with love.

As metaphor, we can apply the same principle to all of our creations, from daily rituals such as tea or coffee making and drinking, to bathing, to our far more creative pursuits. We can bring our greatest gift of presence, to ourselves, and to others.

“In the process of falling to the earth, seeping into the ground, and then emerging, water obtains information from various minerals and becomes wise.” Masaru Emoto

We may like to ask ourselves, what and/or where “home” is. Can we find it within, and be at home in our own skin? Can we bring this into our communities, and as a society, become wise?

“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature and life itself.” Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water.

Recently I was blessed to sit beside a river of the purest waters, flowing through the Daintree Rainforest (the oldest rainforest in the world, estimated to be 140 million years), and as I sat, with closed eyes, I chanted OM (x 3). When I opened my eyes, to my surprise, (seemingly) all the fish in the river had come to my side and were all facing in my direction.

“OM" is known to be a powerful vibration, and said to be the seed of all creation. For me, it’s the sound of home. The fish were certainly drawn to it.

The Tarot card associated with the sign of Cancer is the Chariot.

The Charioteer hold no reins. He directs purely with focused intention. This is the energy of the master manifestor. To reach your desired goal, you need to know where you intend to go, and what you intend to do. You need to bring into union the opposites of the black and white (sphinx) and act together as one. In separation the goal is not reached, it is only in Unity that success is achieved.

Intention Activation

Either literally, or visually, find yourself in or by a body of water - this might be a bath or shower, a pool, river or the beach.

Close your eyes, take a long breath in, and as you exhale, sound out - OM (Ooommmmmmmmmm)

Repeat your chant of OM until you feel yourself at home within your-SELF

Bring to Heart-Mind a sense of Gratitude

Allow this vibration to extend outwards to encompass ALL

Know that wherever you go, you will always be Home - You Belong here

Remember that your neighbour - black or white - also belongs here. We ALL Belong here.

Remember that when we work together with focussed intention, in Unity we WILL Succeed and Success is UNITY.

Again, Bring your sense of Gratitude to Heart - Mind

When you feel ready,

Finish with OM.

Wishing ALL New Moon Blissings