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New Moon in Aquarius


Aquarius is the Humanitarian. A fixed air sign ( the element of air = mind/thought ) inviting us into a new state of mind and a new way of being.

This new moon is offering up a powerful opportunity to shift into true connection - to Self and Community.

This lunation also sees in the Chinese New Year - of the Yin Fire Rooster.

It’s a shift from an old paradigm of Yang fire, to a new way of creating from the Yin and that of the heart space.

How might the world look if we were all to connect to the energy of our heart and allow our heart to lead the way?

How might if feel to drop the weight of the old ways and not only envision a new way but to also take action in our daily life to create it?

The Tarot card for Aquarius is The Star.

I’ve chosen to work with Tarot of the New Vision for this Time/Space.

You see the Water Bearer in the imagery, connected to the Stars and Spirit, beneath the 8 pointed Star of Evening Venus, pouring water with the symbolism of giving back to the Earth. She is naked and trusting (without need to watch nor protect “her back”).

She, no matter if you’re in the body of male or female, is the embodied Divine Feminine.

Also note the fire in this particular card.

Heraclitus calls the entire cosmos "an ever-living fire”. He suggested that all things are exchanged for fire and fire for all things; and that fire changes into various other elements in a cosmic cycle. Heraclitus equates Fire, and Zeus as the divine ruling order by referring to "the thunderbolt that stirs all things.” Interestingly, Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of Aquarius.

Cosmic Activation

You may like to light a candle.

Place your hands on your Womb/Hara/Dantian - the power centre of your own Fire/ creative life force and breathe deeply into this space.

Feel a foot on the Earth and one in Water (you may like to do this physically, or just imagine or intend it).

Feel/imagine any weight of the old self and old ways dissolve into purifying fire.

Keep your left hand on your Womb/Hara/Dantian and bring your right hand to your heart.

Breathe into your Heart and see yourself naked and trusting… with an open heart and open mind.

In this open hearted space, affirm to yourself “I am whole and complete."

From this space, meditate on what you might like to co-create with the Universe.

Envision the community and New World that you might InJoy participating in.

Affirm to yourself to take daily action on creating this new way, baby steps if necessary, whatever is achievable for you.

You may now like to bring your hands into prayer position.

With an intention and gesture of Gratitude.

Know that you don’t need to do it on your own. Know that we are all in this together!

Wishing All Much Love and Connection.