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New Moon in Virgo - Tending the Inner Garden

A path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you . . . Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question . . . Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't it is of no use.” ― Carlos Castaneda

New Moon Solar Eclipse 09° 20′ Virgo This new moon is taking place in the sign of the Virgo, the sign of the Virgin, with the meaning of Purity. It is also the sign of the Healer.

We all have the capacity to heal - ourselves - and others. Many of us have forgotten this innate ability. Now would be a good time to remember.

In the Japanese spiritual system of Reiki, the 4th Precept (instruction) has a very Virgoan flavour. It is often translated as “Be Honest in Your Work”, and “Practice Diligently”. A translation that I personally like is, “Be True to Your Way and Your Being”. This is not about what others think, or how they might behave. This is about carving a path true to your own heart's innate wisdom.

We are now in the 9th month of a collective numerological 9 year.

The 9 energy is about the completion of the cycle, suggesting we’re now collectively in the energy of exam time! whilst the previous 8 years have taken us through our lessons, personal to each of us, we’re at crunch time of this cycle, before beginning a whole new 9 year cycle. How much attention have you been paying in this class called Life? Have you used discernment when it comes to taking care of body, mind and spirit? only you will have the true answer to that question, and it may take some time of stilling the mind, and going within, to find it.

The opposite side/sign to Virgo is Pisces where this eclipse energy was seeded 6 months ago. In Pisces we can find the Inspiration. We can also find distraction through drugs, sex and rock “n” roll, or whatever flavour of distraction your poison may be. Food, alcohol, TV, social media, etc. Not that any of these need cause any harm, if we can practice some moderation. Virgo enjoys moderation and discernment. Virgo enjoys paying attention to the body and to the details of our life and likes to sort “the wheat from the chaff”. Again, with energy of Purity. To serve Virgo well, we need to be mindful of our consumption, in all it’s forms. Virgo rules the digestive system, so nourishment of the body with healthy food and healthy living is important. If we think purification of the mind, we can ask ourselves, if in our daily practice of life, we’re filling the mind with material that inspires us… or otherwise. In terms of our spiritual development, do we give ourselves the time needed to revive, whether that be through connection to nature, which Virgo, as an Earth sign loves, or through meditation, yoga. or other spiritual practice. Of course, the list is as endless as we are as Spirit, and you’ll know what works best for you. It may not be something labelled as “spiritual”. It may be golf or surfing or gardening or music. It’s anything that takes us out of a busy mind and into peace and inner stillness and harmony with all that is.

This new moon is infused with the energy of Mercury, stationing retrograde (only 2 days earlier). Mercury is the exoteric ruler of Virgo, and in a place of exaltation (honoured), whilst the Moon is the esoteric ruler. So, we have them both at home and all the ingredients for a powerful time for reflecting and reviewing… and of revisioning. Do your choices reflect a life you love? if not, can you forgive yourself and decide it’s time to create anew?

The Hermit card in the Tarot (no. 9) correlates to Virgo. The Hermit’s energy is of walking a path clear of all distraction. S/he walks a path of higher purpose, following the light of inner illumination. At this powerful time of the new moon eclipse, it would serve us well, to walk along this path of the Hermit.

As an eclipse it also holds the energy of "anything can happen”! We may find ourselves taken off a path that no longer serves our highest good, and put onto a path we’d not known existed.

How would you like to begin this new phase of growth?

Make it a path of heart and plant your seeds wisely.

Perhaps besides the metaphorical or metaphysical seeds, you may also like to take the time to literally plant seeds, with the intention of abundance, and hands in the dirt.

Our Planet - Mother Earth - Gaia will thank you for your connection with her.

As a Galactic Activation - I invite you to take a moment of time in Nature. Find a patch of grass in the park or garden. (If you can’t manage to find some grass, you can just imagine it.) Sit or stand and mindfully feel your connection to the Earth beneath you. Take 3 long, slow, deep breaths in and feel the breath travel to your main energy centre of the Hara (Japanese) the Dantien (Chinese) which is located just below the navel. As you connect to the power of this energy centre, feel the energy travel down your spine, down through your legs and imagine yourself putting roots down, continuing deep down into the very centre of the Earth. Then feel the energy from the Heart of the Earth travel up these roots into your Being. Feel this Healing energy move through your entire body. Feel the Love travel from her core to yours. Feel yourself at One, with the Earth, and with all other Beings on the Planet, and beyond. Set an intention for Abundance for All. Give thanks and take a moment to really feel your Gratitude. You may now like to place your hands on the Earth too. You may feel her heartbeat match yours. Take as much time as you need connecting with your own heart and then connect with the vision of life you now wish to create.

Anytime you feel yourself distracted, remind yourself of this connection you have to Earth. Anytime you feel the need to connect with her, just bring yourself back with 3 long, slow, deep breaths and feel yourself at peace.

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