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I found my inspiration for this report in music and lyric. The moon is exalted in Earthy Venus ruled Taurus and Venus delights in the garden of music for the soul. 

The lines "Rooted to the earth” and “But deliberate in the motion” are the essence of Taurean energy. 

THE STEEPLE (Tim Snider)

I feel a strength in the trees

Rooted to the earth

‘Cause these roots grow deep 

Grabbing food from the dirt  

I feel a spirit in the breeze  

Steady like the ocean 

A push and a pull 

But deliberate in the motion 

Said I look to the mountain  

Hear the birds’ melodies  

Thank the sun for the show 

As it hides beyond the trees  

I thank God for creation 

For it is a gift just to exist 

Feeling small in this vastness 

But my heart beat persists 

Like a whisper in the stillness  

‘Cause this life is a peep hole 

But that’s all we get as people  

Sometimes we make ours so important 

We forget that we’re all equal 

And I’m not the first or the last 

To leave my judgment at this steeple  

But I ask you to keep a steady eye...

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