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January 26, 2017


Aquarius is the Humanitarian. A fixed air sign ( the element of air = mind/thought ) inviting us into a new state of mind and a new way of being.

This new moon is offering up a powerful opportunity to shift into true connection - to Self and Community. 

This lunation also sees in the Chinese New Year - of the Yin Fire Rooster. 

It’s a shift from an old paradigm of Yang fire, to a new way of creating from the Yin and that of the heart space. 

How might the world look if we were all to connect to the energy of our heart and allow our heart to lead the way?

How might if feel to drop the weight of the old ways and not only envision a new way but to also take action in our daily life to create it?

The Tarot card for Aquarius is The Star. 

I’ve chosen to work with Tarot of the New Vision for this Time/Space. 

You see the Water Bearer in the imagery, connected to the Stars and Spirit, beneath the 8 pointed Star of Evening Venus, pouring water with th...

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